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Fill Your Freezer with Grass-Finished BEEF!

2024 Tentative Variety Box Pricing (Available November)

  • 10, 20, 30, or 40 lb box

  • Includes ground beef (40%), roasts (35%), steaks (25%)

2024 Bulk Beef Pricing 
Whole Beef: $8.18/lb 
Half Beef: $8.25/lb
Mixed Quarter Beef: $8.25/lb
Mixed Eighth Beef: $8.25/lb

"Mixed" means cuts are included from both the front and the hind.

Dawn Farm beef is 100% grass finished on my diverse pastures.

Bulk beef prices are by the hanging weight (see FAQ for more info). 

All prices include cutting and wrapping.

Whole, half, and quarter orders include custom cut.

I will contact you later in the season to discuss your custom cut options.


Beef will be picked up in the fall (usually late October or early November).

If bulk beef ordering is too large for your situation, I suggest asking friends or family if they would like to share an order with you!

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