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Grass-Finished Beef

Delicious beef comes from happy cattle.

Ours spend their days on green pastures with fresh air and the freedom to express their natural behaviours. 

Dawn Farm grass finished cattle enjoying pasture in Elgin County..

Dawn Farm's cattle are finished solely on the goodness of grass!

My pastures include a wide range plant species to support a diverse and nutritious diet for my cattle, which creates flavourful beef for you! My cattle graze on orchard grass, timothy, white clover, alfalfa, Kentucky bluegrass, smooth bromegrass, bird's-foot trefoil, sweet clover...and more! 

I use rotational grazing techniques. I move my cattle to a fresh paddock every day using portable electric fencing and a rotational water system.​ The benefits of this system are numerous: cattle have fresh forage every day and clean pasture to lay on; pasture plants have a chance to recover from being grazed; soils are able to sequester more carbon; grassland birds are able to nest with less disturbance. 

What this means for you:

Quality Protein: Many people are aware of the health benefits of grass-finished cattle, but did you know it also tastes AMAZING? Once I began raising our own beef, my family immediately noticed the difference in flavour and beef has become one of our favourite meals.

Tender Beef: In order for beef to be tender, the cattle must gain weight every day. I achieve this in a grass system by moving them daily to fresh grass. Low-stress levels also contribute to tender beef. My cattle are very calm because they are used to me handling them every day. This results in tender beef after butchering. 

Confidence: Feel good about buying your beef from a local farmer who is here to answer your questions at any time. Know that you are buying ecological beef where the animals have lived a wonderful life.


Choose a whole, half, mixed quarter, or mixed eighth of beef. 

We butcher seasonally in the fall to allow our cattle to fatten on grass when it is plentiful - right in time with nature. 

Our cattle are processed in a local, provincially licensed abattoir.

Whole, half and mixed quarter orders allow you to customize your cuts. Mixed eighths result do not have the option of custom cut.

In order to reserve your meat and split up your payment, we require a non-refundable deposit when you place your order. The remainder will be billed after weighing and is due upon pickup. 

Are you new to buying bulk beef?

Wondering how much it costs? What is hanging weight? How much freezer space?

Visit our FAQ page!

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