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How Much Does it Cost?

You can figure out an estimate for the cost of your bulk beef using the prices and weights listed on the homepage. For example, the cost of a quarter in 2023 would be around $1050-1125.

Estimated hanging weight 145-155lbs

Cost: $7.25/lb

145 x 7.25 = $1051.25

155 x 7.25 = $1123.75

What is hanging weight?

Hanging weight is the weight of the carcass once the innards, hide, and other parts have been removed. It includes some bones and fat that must still be cut off to package your beef.

How many pounds is a whole/half/quarter/eighth?

**These are estimates only. Weights vary every year depending on how the cattle grow.**

Whole = 580-700 lbs (hanging weight)

Half = 290-350 lbs (hanging weight)

Quarter = 145-175 lbs (hanging weight)

Eighth = 72.5-87.5 lbs (hanging weight)

How many pounds of actual meat do I get?

Typically, you will get about 63% of the hanging weight. 

**These are estimates only. You may get more or less.**

Whole = 365-441 lbs of beef

Half = 182-221 lbs of beef

Quarter = 91-110 lbs of beef

Eighth = 45-55 lbs of beef

Note: for whole, half, and quarter orders, you have the option of custom cut. Doing your research and requesting soup bones, organ meats, suet, etc. will increase your utilization of your portion of the animal.


How much freezer space do I need?

**These are minimum size recommendations to help give you an idea. Opting for more freezer space than listed here will give you more room to fit other foods in the freezer other than just beef.**

Whole: 25 cu ft

Half: 10-13 cu ft

Quarter: 5-8 cu ft

Eighth: 3 cu ft

When does it arrive?

The majority of bulk beef is picked up in the fall (late October/early November). If you order beef from me, I will automatically schedule you for fall pickup. I will contact you in advance to remind you of your pickup date.

Sometimes, I sell bulk beef in the summer (July/August). Contact me if you are interested in summer pickup.

How many people does a beef order feed?

**Depends on how frequently and how much beef per meal your family eats. These are suggestions only. Email me if you want specific advice on which size is for you.**

Eighth - Ideal for a couple with light appetites or a couple that eats beef less frequently. Also a good option for any family or individual as a trial to see if you like it.

Quarter - Ideal for a family with 2-3 young kids, or a couple that enjoys beef more often.


Half - Ideal for a family of 4-5. Kids might be teenagers or older and eat meals at home.

Whole - Ideal for a large family that frequently eats beef; ideal for an extended family to split amongst a few households; ideal for carnivore dieters who eat beef every day.

How big are the variety boxes?

  10 lb box                                    20 lb box                                     30 lb box






*These are general examples for volume. Every box is different.*


What is in the variety boxes?


40% ground beef (1 lb packages)

35% roasts & others (eg. blade roast, short rib roast, sirloin tip roast, top round roast, bottom round roast, shank, cutlets, braising ribs)

25% steaks (eg. t-bone, rib steak, sirloin steak, sirloin tip steak)

Beef is wrapped in butcher paper and labelled with the cut.

What is included in a bulk beef order?

Whole, half, and quarter orders include a custom cut option, so it is difficult to include a list here as everyone's order tends to be different. You are literally buying a whole, half, or quarter animal, so your order includes all of the cuts found in that section of the animal.

In general, the percentages listed in the previous question also apply here. However, you may also include to receive soup bones; less common cuts like flank or skirt; organs such as heart, tongue, tail etc.

Additionally, some people may prefer ground beef over roasts - in this case, you may choose to grind up some of your roasts to receive more ground beef. Other people may choose to have some roasts cut into steaks instead, eg. round steak, blade steak. 

I will contact you once you have placed your order, and close to butcher season, to discuss your custom cut option. 

Beef is wrapped in butcher paper and labelled with the cut.

What does grass-finished mean? Is grass-finished the same as grass-fed?

Currently, I purchase my cattle when they are around a year old. I raise them for 5-6 months to the point when they are butchered. My cattle are 100% grass-fed while they are with me, for 5-6 months. I do not feed them grain. The reason this is called "grass-finished," is because I did not raise them for the first year of their life. For the first year of their life, they were raised on grass and typically supplemented with grain (it depends who I buy them from, which varies from year to year). Grass-finished beef produces an enhanced flavour and health benefits. My family loves it!

Why do you buy your cattle when they are a year old?

I am a young farmer establishing a new business. Although I grew up on a farm, it was a grain farm and did not have any infrastructure or equipment for raising beef cattle. Buying the cattle when they are one year old allows me to avoid major investments such purchasing breeding cattle, building a barn, and buying hay-making equipment. This helps me stay in business, allows me to support other beef farmers by buying their yearling cattle, and also keeps costs lower for you. Perhaps someday I will be able to raise my beef entirely on grass from birth, but for now, this is the best option that allows me to be in business and still produce delicious, healthy beef.

What breed do you raise?

Typically Red & Black Angus, Hereford, Shorthorn, or a cross of these breeds.

You say you are grass-finished...why is there a grain cart in the pasture?

I modified a grain cart into a portable shade-mobile for my cattle, so they always have access to shade on hot days. There is no grain inside it! 

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