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The Naming of Dawn Farm

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

This month I will address a question I have received several times: How did Dawn Farm get her name? Here we go!

5 Reasons Behind the Name Dawn Farm

1. 'Dawn Farm' is short and sweet!

2. To me, dawn represents a time of new beginnings and new ideas.

3. 'Dawn Farm' honours my farming ancestors. My Grandpa Don, Great-Uncle Raymond, and Great-Aunts Dorothy, Jean, and Muriel all grew up on the farm where Dawn Farm is located, in the house where I now live. I was so fortunate to know all three wonderful aunts - they sure knew how to make a person laugh! Although I never met my Grandpa Don, Dad has told me lots about him and I like that the name includes our family heritage. I was very close with Uncle Raymond and I feel so special to farm at the place where he grew up. His name really suited him because he truly was a Ray of sunshine! To me, the rays of sunshine coming from the dawn sun represent Uncle Raymond.

4. The sun is the key to life and the dawn is when we first get to see it! The sun allows grass to grow, giving life to my animals that eat it, and in turn supporting the lives of the people who eat them (us!). Dawn is the start of this beautiful cycle, and you are a part of it! Your meat from Dawn Farm grew up on grass, leaving behind manure to fertilize the land. My goal of producing healthy food while stewarding the land would not exist without the sun coming up each morning.

5. Dawn just happens to be my middle name.

So, there you have it! It was an important decision and took quite a bit of thought. I played around with lots of other names, but nothing else could sum up my farming heritage, love for the land, and love for nature quite so succinctly.

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